Meal Plans:

A Great Investment

Weekly Meal Plans

Meal plans allow students, faculty and staff enjoy an all-you-care-to-eat environment at Andorfer Commons Culinary Center.


Weekly Meal Plan Options:

All 19 Meals each week - $2,020 per semester

Any 10 Meals each week - $1,235 per semester

Any 5 Meals each week - $635 per semester


Block Meal Plans

Block Meal Plans give students, faculty and staff flexibility as they are able to use the meals whenever they would like. This meal plan also allows the capability to purchase meals for friends and campus visitors.


Block Meal Plan Options:

100 Block Meal Plan - $785

50 Block Meal Plan - $400

Your Meal Plan Questions


If I have Meal Plan questions, who do I ask?

Students can visit AVIServes.com/TechFresh or call the Tech Fresh Dining Office 260.422.5561

x.2263. The Indiana Tech Business Office located in Abbott Center is also a great resource.


What should I do about specific dietary needs or questions?

Call 240.422.5561 x.2259 to discuss specific meal requirements. Our licensed dietitian is also


Can I buy lunch for my friends or visitors?

Students can use a Block Meal Plan, Warrior Dollars, Cash or Credit to purchase lunch for friends or campus visitors. Unfortunately, Weekly Meal Plans cannot

be used to purchase others meals.


I’m out of Warrior Dollars! How do I add more money to my account?


I’m living off campus, can I still purchase a Meal Plan?

Yes, all Indiana Tech students, faculty and staff can purchase a Meal Plan by visiting the Business Office in the Abbott Center.


Where can I use my Warrior Dollars?

Students can use their Warrior Dollars at all dining locations on campus, Tech Treasures and for printing services on campus.


What happens to my unused meals?

Our 19, 10 and 5 Weekly Meals Plans reset each week. Our 100 and 50 Block Meal Plans can be used throughout the entire year. Unused meals on any type of plan upon resetting or end of the year will be lost.